New Staff Hire - Assistant Facility Engineer

  Published 29 June 2022  •    by Thomas 1505007

Please join the Edmonton FIR in congratulating Ryland Kruk for his appointment to Assistant Facility Engineer. Ryland first joined the Edmonton FIR in January of 2017, and Edmonton has been his only VATSIM home for that period. In the last year, Ryland has demonstrated a dedication to the FIR through his work as Welcome Team Lead and has shown fierce loyalty to CZEG. He has been a consistent presence controlling our airspace and has made himself available for Euroscope troubleshooting and sector file updates for new controllers. Ryland will report directly to Tony Koch - FE and will be responsible for assisting Tony with sector file updates and ASR maintenance. We are pleased that Ryland has accepted this position and are confident he will be a dedicated caretaker of his little corner of our FIR.