S2 OTS | Jack Drinkwater

June 5, 2024 01:45z - June 5, 2024 03:45z

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Start Time

June 5, 2024 01:45z

End Time

June 5, 2024 03:45z

We are proud to share with you a trifecta event! Northern Lights Tuesday, an S3 OTS on CYEG_APP and now! an S2 OTS on CYEG_TWR. Truly the unicorn of events, the only thing missing are the Northern Lights. We invite you to fly IFR between CYYC, CYMM or CYZF to CYEG and enjoy the Northern Lights Events... or... Put our OTS controllers to the test and IFR or VFR from CZVL or some of our other minor airports including CEX3, CEZ3, or CFB6