24 Hours of VATSIM

March 2, 2024 22:00z - March 2, 2024 23:59z

Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (CYWG)    Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)

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Start Time

March 2, 2024 22:00z

End Time

March 2, 2024 23:59z

Departure Airport

  • Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
  • CYWG

Arrival Airport

  • Edmonton International Airport
  • CYEG

Embark on an extraordinary cinematic journey as you take part in a remarkable event of 24 flights around the globe. The first six flights, spanning Europe, North Africa, Mexico, and Canada, offer a visual feast from the skies. Witness the sun-kissed vineyards of Europe, the ancient wonders of North Africa, the vibrant colors of Mexican cities, and the breathtaking natural landscapes of Canada. Each flight presents a unique cinematic experience, capturing the beauty of diverse cultures, stunning landmarks, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Prepare to be mesmerized as you soar through the skies, capturing unforgettable moments that will leave you breathless and inspired.